Sample c/5 and c/4 glider-processing convoys

c/5 puffer converted into a (relatively) small p1080 rake. Add
two gliders to the loop to get p360. David Bell, 28 October 2005

Here are four patterns by David Bell, showing a variety of ways (some discovered relatively recently) for passing spaceships to affect an active pattern. The first is an engineless p1080 rake, using a design similar to the recently-posted p360 spaceship:

diagonal c/4 convoy turns a sideways glider into a forward LWSS: David Bell, 11 November 2005

The next three patterns involve diagonal c/4 convoys (spaceships that travel the same speed as a glider, but have sufficiently isolated edge sparks that they can interact non-destructively with gliders and other active patterns.) Here are some sample convoys that process input gliders to produce various types of output:

diagonal c/4 convoy which converts a single sideways glider into a toad. A toad in combination with other nearby stable/p2 patterns
(e.g., 6bo$6bobo$6boo3$11b3o$12b3o3$3o$bbo$bo!) can be converted to a backward or sideways glider by a passing convoy,
making it useful as a 'memory bit'. David Bell, 12 November 2005
Period doubling reaction for diagonal c/4 rakes, demonstrated with a p800 glider stream. Diagonal c/4 rakes are constructible
with period 28, 24, 16, or 0 (mod 32). David Bell, 2 November 2005

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