Extensible spaceships

long and short c/3 ships with central p15/5 wick
Hartmut Holzwart, 7 December 2005

Over the past few months, Hartmut Holzwart has constructed a series of spaceships with a variety of shapes, periods, and velocities. The majority have been "greyships" of different types -- but here is a random sampling of ships that don't fit neatly into that category:

extensible thin orthogonal 2c/4 spaceship
Hartmut Holzwart, 16 November 2005
extensible p3 spaceship: a p22 wick stabilized by c/3 ships
Hartmut Holzwart, 14 November 2005
pure p12 glide symmetric tag, attached to a two-section
p2 front end: Hartmut Holzwart, 28 Oct 2005
long and short c/3 ships w/ central p14 wick, based on a ship from
Jason Summers' raw c/3 collection: Hartmut Holzwart, 14 Nov 2005
asymmetrical c/3 greyship: Hartmut Holzwart, 11 November 2005

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