New P7 sparker

weak P7 sparker
P7 oscillator with a weak spark (glider deletion due to David Eppstein)
Toward the end of October, Scot Ellison published a new oscillator with a weak P7 spark:

Though no uses have been found for this particular pattern as yet, oscillators that can delete gliders can sometimes be useful for specialized signal processing. One example is in low-period Herschel conduits. The FNG (first natural glider) released by a moving Herschel is often the key factor determining the allowable "compression" of a circuit: a second Herschel can't pass through most conduits until after the glider from the previous Herschel has gotten out of the way. In some cases, an oscillator can "reach in" slightly and delete a glider more quickly, or in a tighter space, than a still-life eater can manage.

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