Lineship Update

p96 c/12 diagonal lineship: David Bell, 24 June 2005 On June 24th, David Bell produced an optimized version of Jason Summers' original lineship (shown in reduced scale at right -- click the thumbnail for the RLE, or here for a full picture). There have been several further developments along these lines.

p768 c/12 diagonal line burner: Dave Greene, 25 June 2005 Dave Greene used some of David Bell's new compact Cordership technology to produce a modified tail section for the revised lineship which repeats at p768 instead of at p96.

[The thumbnail at right shows only the modified tail section -- click here for a picture of the full pattern.]

smaller diagonal c/12 period 96 lineship:  David Bell, 17 July 2005 David Bell followed this with a redesigned diagonal c/12 period 96 lineship. In this variant, the creation of the line at the front is done in pieces which are then welded together to form the line, using the repair techniques described in the "Cutting and Repairing Diagonal Lines" posting. The back end has also been reduced, since a sideways rake is not needed to ignite the line.

Again, only the smaller back end is shown in the thumbnail; a full-sized image is here.

Adjustable-period growing/shrinking Corder-based c/12 lineship:  Nicolay Beluchenko, 17 July 2005; optimization by David Bell. The Cordership at the tail end of the adjustable-period lineship shown at right (full-sized image here) is responsible for igniting the stabilized end of line whenever it gets near to it. Nicolay Beluchenko points out that this Cordership could be adjusted by moving the trailing Cordership by multiples of 22 cells diagonally, rather than 88, if the front of the line were constructed in length-22 segments as well (but this would make the front of the ship much larger).

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