New Record Methuselah

Andrzej Okrasinski has found a new methuselah record holder, a 15 bit intial pattern with a final population of 1623 after 29053 generations. David Bell quickly found a 13 cell predecessor, bringing the record to 29055.

Some of the more unusual objects which make an appearance but which aren't in the final census include a Lightweight Spaceship [9P4H2V0.1], a Fishook Eater [7.3], a Long Barge [8.9], a Big S [14.492], a Bi-Pond [16.2630] and an unnamed 13 bit object [13.182].

Size Discoverer Gens Final Pop. Final Pattern, Census
13 13 Bit Methuselah
[David Bell]
29055 1623 15 Bit Methuselah
102(4.1), 2(4.2), 15(5.1), 6(6.2), 57(6.4), 1(7.2), 18(7.4), 5(8.7), 2(12.41), 135(3P2.1), 1(6P2.1), 1(6P2.2), 28(5P4H1V1.1)
15 15 Bit Methuselah
[Andrzej Okrasinski]

Note: Not all of the paths of escaped gliders are shown.

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