c/2 and 2c/4 "greyships"

2c/4 triangle greyship 2 (back slope 1/4)  Hartmut Holzwart  1 July 2005 2c/4 triangle greyship 1 (45-90-45)  Hartmut Holzwart  1 July 2005 Hartmut Holzwart and Jason Summers have been investigating possible shapes for 2c/4 "greyships" that include an extensible striped region of half-ON, half-OFF cells. Triangles, diamonds, and other shapes are possible.

2c/4 quadrilateral greyship (back slope 5/9)  Hartmut Holzwart  1 July 2005 2c/4 diamond greyship  Hartmut Holzwart  1 July 2005 This technology can be extended to produce more complex shapes with a variety of slopes. Some components also exist for a ship traveling perpendicular to the "grain" of the stripes, instead of parallel, but currently not enough to produce a complete ship. See this blog for details.

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