New Wick and Fuse

Hartmut Holzwart has discovered a new p4 wick that is also a p48 fuse:

Hartmut Holzwart's April 26 p4 wick



Block Array Constructions

8 Twin Blocks Extend Block Array Jason Summers has found a way to take a previously known method of constructing 4 sets of Twin Blocks from Pi Heptominos, and attach another pair of Twin Blocks at each end, for a construction of a 2 x 8 array of Blocks.

He's also found a way to extend any 2 x n array of Blocks.

In both cases, the preliminary construction for some of the target objects needed are not shown.



Period 5 Oscillator Construction

40P5.5 40P5.5 construction Jason Summers has found a way to construct a 40 Bit Period 5 Oscillator from a Tub and 24 Gliders.



New Period 5 Oscillator

description Nicolay Beluchenko has found a new, large period 5 "T-nose" oscillator. The T-nose may be useful in supporting p5N reactions that need an ON cell at a key point to suppress or modify part of the reaction.

The most exposed part of the T-nose (the foot of the "T") consists of two cells that die simultaneously in the next generation, one from underpopulation and one from overpopulation. This leaves some extra space for any nearby active patterns to evolve away from the spark area, and for any leftover remnants of the suppression reaction to die off— as compared to a standard p5 thumb, volcano, or other sparker.

Previously known T-nose oscillators are all period 4.

Update: 2005-Apr-09 18:55

Dave Greene: Added background information.

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