Lightbulb Construction

Lightbulb Lightbulb Mark Niemiec has built some new lightbulb constructions. They're based upon a naturally occurring Lightbulb found by Andrzej Okrasinski, from a simple predecessor found by Karel Suhajda with some refinements by H.Koenig and Dave Greene. The first shows 11 gliders which form a symmetric version using a House as the inductor. The second shows how a 10-bit inductor can be built instead, and the final line shows how that inductor can be converted to a 7-bit Bookend, using a total of 16 Gliders.

As Niemiec points out, there are no known ways to convert any of these inductors to a snake, allowing not only the construction of the minimal form of the Lightbulb, shown above left, but also many other oscillators and objects

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